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Branching Out

 New Arboreta in East & Middle,

Recertified in Middle & West TN!

New Level 1 – Jacob’s Nature Park, Johnson City

Jacob's Nature Park Arboretum

New Level 1 – Belle Forest Cave Property, Nashville

Belle Forest Arboretum

New Level 1 – Cane Creek Park, Cookeville

Cane Creek Arboretum

New Level 1 – City Lake Natural Area,  Cookeville

City Lake Natural Area Arboretum

Recertified Level 4 – Memphis Botanic Garden, Memphis

Memphis Botanic Garden Arboretum

Recertified Level 1 – Ridgetop Station Park, Ridgetop

Ridgetop Station Park Arboretum

Recertified Level 1 – The Arboretum at Southwind, Memphis

Southwind Arboretum

Learn more about these arboreta and make plans to visit one soon!  Click Here

Job Posting

Regional Urban Forester 3- West

The west Tennessee Regional Urban Forester resides within the Forest Health and Sustainability Unit and is responsible for implementing urban forest management programs in western grand division of the state.

Specific Job Duties:


  1. Provides input and guidance for Forest Health and Sustainability Unit Leader regarding urban forest management programs.
  2. Seeks opportunities and partnerships to grow urban forest management programs within the West Tennessee region.

Program Development & Implementation

  1. Actively develops and maintains working partnerships with other state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations and various conservation groups
    2. Ensures Division urban forest management programs are relevant on a region-wide basis
    3. Provides technical assistance and relevant information to homeowners, landowners, schools, communities, non-profits, municipalities and cities
    4. Administers the Arbor Day Foundation programs (Tree City USA, Tree Line USA, and Tree Campus USA), urban riparian restoration, urban forest canopy assessments, outreach and education, wildland fire management, forest health and urban cost share assistance in the west Tennessee region
    5. Partners with the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council to implement urban forest management programs and conduct outreach activities…

Volunteer Spotlight

The Memphis Botanic Garden’s Tree Team is a group of 5 volunteers that trudge over our 96 acres to maintain the Level 4 Arboretum and Conifer Reference Garden. They also help with outreach projects for our Center of Excellence responsibilities. It consists of (in order of joining) Polly Baxter, Jan Castillo, Sean Pflaumer, Deb Foehring and Linnea West. It began with a statement from a volunteer about 14 years ago when we were discussing the Arboretum program overseen by TUFC. “We could do that” became a several year project as we ‘went for the gold’ and catalogued and mapped 188 trees.  Volunteers have come and gone (as have some of the trees) but we continue to have about the same number of trees on our recertification list. The tree team loves a field trip, and one of their favorite activities is helping local agencies (schools, parks, cemeteries) become Certified Arboretums. There have been many animated discussions when trying to define exactly which oak or hickory might be added to a list. Their current project is collecting way points on all of the ‘certified’ trees so our map will be more accurate. They have also developed a spread sheet of information on each of the trees with the soon to be realized dream of making this information available to visitors through smart phones while walking out on our grounds. Now, if we could just clone them and assign a group to the shrubs, vines, perennials…

Laurie Williams, Memphis Botanic Garden

Program Spotlight:


Introduction to Citizen Urban Forestry Workshop

September 13th from 1:00-5:00 the workshop was offered in Nashville at our Middle Tennessee Center of Excellence, Cheekwood Estate & Gardens.  The class covered the importance of trees, tree identification, tree installation, EAB and tree pruning.

CUF Workshop 2018

 CUF Workshop 2018

In 2019 we will be offering an advanced course for those that would like to learn key tree features to help them identify trees in the winter.  If you would be interested in this class, please fill out the survey to help us determine a day and time that would work for you.

Winter Tree Identification Survey

We also plan to offer a series of classes (once a week) in the Fall of 2019 that will be similar to the Master Gardner’s certification program but all on trees!  Be on the lookout for more information!

Thank you

to our New and Returning Members!

Professional Members:

Douglas Airhart

Louis Boykin

Jeff Dennis

Wesley Hopper

John Kelley

Peter Lafreniere

Brinna Sallee


Josiah Lockard and Associates

Non-Professional Members:

David Creagh

Cyd Hamilton

Randall Lantz

Heather Listermann

Sarah Nowicki


$50 from Critical Writing Solutions, Sevierville

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Join our Board of Directors

The Tennessee Urban Forestry Council (TUFC) is deeply rooted in promoting healthy and sustainable urban and community forests which contribute to clean air and water, economic stability, and beautiful green places in which all Tennesseans and future generations will love, work and play. To continue to promote these efforts the TUFC is accepting board nominations year round. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please let us know. All board members are required to choose a committee to serve on. Committee assignments are detailed below. Self-nominations are welcomed.

 New Tree Sanctuary in Arlington, TN!

Wilson Tree Sanctuary

See more pictures of the Wilson’s property and other Tree Sanctuaries throughout Tennessee HERE

”Nature does nothing uselessly.”


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