Tree Sanctuary Application

Make Your Home a Tree Sanctuary

1. Tree Sanctuary Information


2. Category

(check all that are appropriate)


3. Publicity

(choose one)

*Can the public contact you?


4. # of Distinct Tree Species

Before creating your map or labels, please submit an EXCEL file Tree Listing (alphabetically by botanical name then common name) so that the information can be reviewed.

Tree ID booklet - What Tree Is That? available for $6 - Go to TUFC Store
Online resources for tree identification:


5. Map and Pictures

Please sketch a map of your yard. Be sure to mark all of the 10+ trees.

Also capture the beauty of your tree sanctuary by taking pictures of some of your trees, labels, and other features.


6. I agree to meet the requirements of the Healthy Yard Pledge?

Fee Schedule

Application Fee includes 1 Tree Sanctuary Plaque. You can buy extra plaques, if you choose. (Prices include shipping and handling.)

Tree Sanctuary : $100.00
Additional Plaque + $35.00

Your application is not valid without our confirmation of payment. Please click the payment link after submission.