Private Arboretum Application


Certify your Private Land as an Arboretum

1. Private Arboretum Information


2. Desired Private Arboretum Level

(choose one)

Level 1 - 100 trees
Level 2 - 150 trees
Level 3 - 200 trees
Level 4 - 250 trees


3. Number of Tree Species

Before creating your map or labels, please submit an EXCEL file Tree Listing (alphabetically by botanical name then common name) so that the information can be reviewed.


4. Private Arboretum Listing



Please capture the beauty of your private arboretum by taking pictures of some of your trees, labels, and other features and upload them here.


Website Description

In order to describe your tree collection, please contribute a few sentences describing the beauty that can be found around your home.


5. Signature


6. Fee Schedule

Application Fee includes 1 Arboretum Marker. (Prices include shipping and handling.)

Level 1 Private Arboretum : $1000.00
Level 2 Private Arboretum : $1500.00
Level 3 Private Arboretum : $2000.00
Level 4 Private Arboretum : $2500.00

Your application is not valid without our confirmation of payment. Please click the payment link after submission.

If you would like the TUFC to advertise a garden or arboretum tour,
we would be pleased to advertise that on your behalf. Please contact with any upcoming date(s) or information.


7. Gifts and Recognition

Level 1 Gifts: New Tree Species, Trees of Tennessee Book, Arboretum Marker, Two Registrations to the TUFC Conference & Award Ceremony, Promotion of Any Arboretum Events (if desired).
Level 2 Gifts: All Level 1 Gifts and a Subscription to the Tennessee Magazine
Level 3 Gifts: All Level 1 and 2 Gifts, and a Subscription to the Tennessee Conservationist Magazine
Level 4 Gifts: All Level 1-3 Gifts, a 1 year TUFC Membership, an Invitation to Serve on a TUFC Committee of Choice, and $500 worth of tree care from either Bartlett Tree Experts, Davey Tree Experts or Timberline Tree and Lawn Care.


8. TUFC Annual Conference

We would be honored by your presence at the October TUFC Conference. Would you be interested in attending with two complimentary registrations?
(choose one)