Landmark, Historic & Heritage Tree Registry


Nomination Application


1. Type of Designation

*A Landmark Tree must meet one of the following requirements (please mark which)

**A Historic Tree must meet the following requirement (please mark)

***A Heritage Tree must meet the following requirement (please mark)


2. Application is for a…


3. Location

GPS Coordinates (if available)


4. Historic or Landmark Narrative

Attach a historic narrative that gives a factual account of the history of the tree or group of trees and the surrounding area, which gives the tree(s) its significance. Include important dates, people, events, legends, activities, etc. associated with the tree.


5. Ownership of Tree

(If organization, corporation, government, or non-profit, include contact name and title)


6. Name By Which Tree is Known


7. Tree(s) Description

– Health

– Species

(Include at least the common name, and genus and species if possible, i.e. Black Walnut, Juglans nigra)

– Measurements

Provide if possible

– Land Use

– Photographs

(A set of non-returnable color prints of the tree(s) is required with the application)

Maps or diagrams of locations are also helpful.
**The applicant grants TUFC all rights and privileges to the images and information attached to, or included in, this application.**


8. Applicant Information

Although the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council encourages the owner of each Landmark and to give it proper arboricultural care, the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council does not certify the tree as being safe or without hazard for the visiting public.

All applications received on or before May 31st will be reviewed in the current year.