Arboretum Application


1. Basic Information


2. Contact Information


3. Maintenance

If different from the contact name


4. Desired Level

* For Levels 3 & 4, list the # of staff ____, and # of volunteers ____ available for special tours.

* For Level 4, please enclose copy of newsletter.


5. Category


6. Description

Upload a 2-page-maximum narrative of the arboretum.


7. # of Tree Species

Please submit an Excel file Tree Listing (alphabetically by botanical name, then common name) before making labels.

Please also submit up to 5 photos of your arboreta site.


8. Signature


For Level Changes & Re-Certification

A new application & fee are required to change from one level to another.

Every 5 years a Tennessee certified arboretum must be re-certified. This is required to retain arboretum status and to ensure that certification standards are maintained.

A certified arboretum that chooses not to re-certify will be required to remove and return the Certified Arboretum Sign(s).

Fee Schedule

(Certify, Level Change & Re-Certify)
Fees bank for 3 years & are NOT refundable
Application Fee includes 1 Standard Sign. You may buy extra standard signs or up-grade to custom sign of your own wording.

Level I: $125.00
Level II: $200.00
Level III: $300.00
Level IV: $400.00
Extra Sign + $35.00
Custom Sign + $40.00

Your application is not valid without our confirmation of payment. Please click the payment link after submission.