News from Tennessee Urban Forestry Council PREVIOUS ISSUE • JANUARY 2017

TUFC certifies Pink Palace in Memphis


The Pink Palace Arboretum in Memphis is a new Level 1, and Dyersburg Middle School has recertified as a Level 2 arboretum.

The museum has more than 30 labeled trees that offer an urban respite for Memphians and visitors. The school's outdoor classroom, which features 62 species, was named a Level 1 in 2005. TUFC arboreta

blue atlas cedar

Blue Atlas cedar at the Pink Palace Arboretum.

West chapter elects officers

TUFC West chapter officers for 2017 are president Beth Rowlett, vice president Paul Buchignani, treasurer Wes Hopper and secretary Deb Molloy. Board members are Jim Dennis, Joellen Dimond, and Madison May.

The chapter's next meeting is 1 p.m. February 16 at Memphis Botanic Garden. MORE

Card gets free money for TUFC

kroger kroger

Raise money for TUFC every time you use your Kroger Plus shopper's card.

Kroger donated more than $50 to TUFC last quarter, earned by supporters using their Kroger Plus shopper's cards.

Update your account every year

The number of participants dropped to only four. If you signed up before August 2016, you must update your account here.

Get a card or link your current card to Tennessee Urban Forestry Council NPO#84450 by setting up a digital account here.

TEC plans huge tree giveaway

free trees

Tennessee Environmental Council is distributing 100,000 free trees February 25 in the largest community tree-planting event in Tennessee history. Trees are free with an optional donation at checkout. Register

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