Urban Forestry Centers of Excellence

TUFC's Center of Excellence program enhances urban forestry at regional sites throughout the state.

Created in 2012, the program is designed to provide extra depth to TUFC's outreach and education programs. Centers assist with arboretum development and certification, provide ongoing educational programs, and give citizens a local resource for arboriculture.

Memphis Botanic Garden became the first Center of Excellence in 2012. Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art in Nashville joined the program in 2016. A center in the eastern region of the state is under development.

Center of Excellence


  • Meet the requirements of a Level 4 arboretum.
  • Have a certified arborist on staff or on retainer as a member of a designated “tree team” comprising at least four volunteers including a Master Gardener or Master Urban Forester.
  • Serve as a community resource for tree information and education including at least four education programs each year on arboriculture or urban forestry.
  • Assist TUFC with certification of arboretums.
  • Provide space for TUFC meetings.
  • File regular reports reporting urban forestry activities.

Memphis Botanic Garden

Memphis Botanic Garden
Memphis Botanic Garden

750 Cherry Road
Memphis TN 38117


January–June 2016 highlights

  • Arboretum Assistance. Worked with the Riverdale Elementary and Cooper Young arboreta.
  • Collections. Restored three-acre oak grove and planted redbud, dwarf bald cypress, eight large windmill palms, and two Okame cherry trees.
  • Educational Programming. Thirteen programs served more than 4,500 people in classes, school clubs, outreach visits, field trips, an interactive exhibit on trees, and the World of Plants International Children’s Fest.
  • Urban Forestry Support. Hosted TUFC, UFA, and Memphis tree board meetings and the Official City of Memphis Arbor Day. Full Report
Previous Years

Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art


1200 Forrest Park Dr.
Nashville TN 37205