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Trees of Tennessee

Featuring our most notable and historic trees

  • 128-page hardcover book
  • Introduction by TUFC co-founder Gene Hyde
  • More than 150 images including 68 notable, champion, landmark, historic, and heritage trees
  • Fascinating facts about notable tree species
  • Legends and tales of landmark and historic trees
  • East, Middle, West Tennessee sections
  • Proceeds benefit TUFC programs for healthy and sustainable urban and community forests in Tennessee
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Did you know?

One of Andrew Jackson’s soldiers brought pecan nuts back after the Battle of New Orleans and gave them to a Carroll County girl, who planted the Natchez Trace Pecan. Page 32

It takes only twelve minutes for a red cedar seed to pass through the digestive system of a cedar waxwing. Page 58

Ginkgoes were one of the few trees to survive the atomic bomb. Page 90

It takes forty quarts of sugar maple sap to create one quart of syrup. Page 100

Trees from seeds that traveled around the moon are planted in Elizabethton, Knoxville, and Sewanee. Page 112

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Middle Tennessee
East Tennessee
West Tennessee
East Tennessee