Board Nomination Form


    Joining the TUFC Board

    Together as a board, our goal is to take responsibility for ensuring fiscally sound and effective programs and operations by providing leadership, advice, direction and support to the staff and volunteers of the organization.  Please review the TUFC Bylaws.


    Education Committee

    Education and advocacy is perhaps one of the most important missions of the TUFC in promoting healthy and sustainable urban and community forests.

    In addition to the general board member requirements, board members serving on the education committee will have a special focus on the following areas:

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    Scholarship Program

    • The Tennessee Urban Forestry Council offers a $1000 scholarship to a college student studying urban forestry. Board members will assist in reviewing the candidates applications and letters of recommendation to select the most qualified student to receive the scholarship award.

    Citizen Forestry Program 

    • Educate citizens and promote advocacy on the benefits and ecosystem services of urban forestry. Board members will serve by assisting in developing curriculum for the program, teaching classes, and contributing to meetings associated with the Citizen Urban Forestry Program.

    Center of Excellence (COE)

    • The Center of Excellence program enhances urban forestry at regional sites throughout the state. Board members will assist COEs with arboretum development and certification, provide ongoing educational programs, and give citizens a local resource for arboriculture. Board members may also serve by providing guidance to COEs on record keeping requirements, maintaining beneficial relationships between the TUFC and the COE, and identifying potential sites for new COEs.

    Trees of Tennessee Book

    • Promote and seek additional avenues in which to sell the Trees of Tennessee book. This could include contacting and meeting potential retailers interested in selling the book. Assist in gathering information, photos, and editing a second edition of the book when commissioned.

    Annual Conference Committee

    The conference committee will work together to construct the conference agenda (speakers, location, food, field trips), promote the conference to boost registration, and host the event to enhance the experience of the attendee (registration, silent auction, logistics, etc.). In addition to the general board member requirements, board members serving on the conference committee will have a special focus on the following areas:

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    Conference Speakers & Special Initiatives

    • Solicit featured speaks (i.e. plenary speakers, panel discussion, etc.…)
    • Coordinate additional educational initiatives to enhance the conference experience of attendees (workshops, field trips)
    • Work in collaboration with the TUFC ED to identify educational needs of TUFC membership

    On-site & local Logistics and Volunteer Coordination

    • Coordinate with the local Convention and Visitors Bureau and/or local hospitality companies for discounts and information regarding local attractions & restaurants
    • Help identify leadership meeting space
    • Assign volunteers to one-site conference duties, such as assembling registration bags, staffing one-site registration, staffing local arrangements information table, identifying restaurants & local activities etc.…

    Technology and Social Media

    • Assist with communications during Annual Conference via social media technology.
    • Coordinate the promotion of the conference

    Tree Program Committee

    The Tree Program Committee is responsible for promoting and certifying four programs that directly affect over one hundred communities throughout Tennessee.  The 1) Arboreta, 2) Tree Sanctuary, 3) Landmark, Historic and Heritage Registry, and 4) Center of Excellence programs allow the TUFC an opportunity to influence communities by encouraging them to plant diversity, increase canopy cover, acknowledge historic trees and promote the care and maintenance of our urban forests.  In addition to the general board member requirements, board members serving on the tree program committee will have a special focus on the following areas:

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    • Currently there are about 100 arboreta throughout Tennessee that vary in their level of certification (between 30 and 120+ trees).  Five to ten new arboreta are created every year and need assistance in order to complete their certification in addition to those recertifying.  Committee duties may include oversight, application review, and/or participating in the inspection teams.

    Tree Sanctuary

    • The Tree Sanctuary Program is a home arboretum that encourages homeowners to participate in the arboretum program.  Program involvement involves a tree list/application review, communication with homeowner, and website posting.

    Landmark, Historic and Heritage Tree Program

    • The Landmark, Historic, Heritage Tree committee is responsible for reviewing applications of trees that have witnessed significant Tennessee history.  If a tree is accepted onto the registry, the owner of the tree is acknowledged at the conference with a certificate or plaque and  noted on our website and newsletter publications.

    Center of Excellence

    • Currently the TUFC has 2 Centers of Excellence:  Memphis Botanic Garden and Cheekwood Estate & Gardens.  These partners in urban forestry provide the TUFC a home to offer classes, hold conferences, and provide expertise and support to the Board of Directors.  The Program and Education Committees will work together to develop these COE relationships and programs, collecting and posting their reports, and helping to create new Centers of Excellence.

    Tree Climb Committee

    The Tree Climb Committee will work together to provide an annual statewide competition in Middle TN.  This competition aims to promote tree care professionalism and safety practices to its competitors by creating work related competitive events. The tree climb committee will work to boost registration, secure sponsors and volunteers, and provide a overall great experience for everyone.  In addition to the general board member requirements, board members serving on the tree climb committee will have a special focus on the following areas:

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    Registration and Communication

    • Communicate date and event information through website and social media.  with updated forms.
    • Committee Members will organize all competitor registration forms (waiver, gear check and payment) and volunteer registration and waiver forms.  Volunteers are why this program has been successful and possible.  Effective communication with everyone is critical for this event.
    • Communicate with and provide funding for the TN tree climb winner to compete in the ISA regional competition in March.


    • Sponsorships cover the cost of the tree climb event.  Committee members will work to solicit support from previous sponsors and acquire new ones.  To honor our sponsors, the committee will create banners and t-shirts and will acknowledge the sponsors on the TUFC website and through social media.

    Event Site and Hospitality

    • Help to locate the site for the annual competition in Middle TN and work with the property coordinator on event logistics
    • Plan and provide for the needs of the volunteers and competitors by planning meals, snacks, water and an on-site port a john.

    Education and Awards

    • Securing CEUs for the event and submitting the forms in a timely manner
    • Create awards for winners and solicit sponsors for prizes for competitors