25 Celebrating our 25th anniversary with 25 tree plantings at TUFC arboreta and a special event at the Governor's Residence.
Urban Forestry Conference OCTOBER 6–7 Rutherford County Extension Office, Murfreesboro MORE INFOSCHEDULE

Tennessee Tree Climb

Tree climbing championship is October 1 MORE

Battle of Nashville Basket Oak
Battle of Nashville Basket Oak This basket oak on the Noel Place farm witnessed the 1864 Battle of Nashville and now stands in the Battle of Nashville Monument Park. MORE
Sam Davis Home Arboretum The Sam Davis Home is a Level 1 arboretum in Smyrna Located on a 168-acre site of a nineteenth-century farm. MORE Sam Davis Home

Trees of Tennessee

Celebrate the top trees in Tennessee!

  • Hardcover 128-page coffee table book
  • Over 150 images including 68 significant state trees
  • Facts about notable species, landmark and historic trees MORE


the Key
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What Tree Is That

What Tree Is That?

This 164-page pocket field guide takes a step-by-step approach using full-color botanical illustrations to identify 250 common trees in the eastern United States. ORDER

Emerald ash borer

  • 49 counties including Davidson are now under state/federal quarantine. Map
  • EAB cannot be contained, and all ash species are at risk of dying.
  • Significant trees can sometimes be saved with annual chemical treatments, if diagnosed early.
  • Dont Move Firewood
  • The most important way to slow the spread of EAB is to stop moving firewood.
  • Tennessee infoNational info
Tree Sanctuary

Make your home a tree sanctuary

You can now designate your property as a tree sanctuary with TUFC’s new program for residences. MORE